Hello there I'm Brianna / 18 / female / American / Fuck this shit

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its weird that mostly all vegetarians and vegans only wanna fight for animals but not the underpaid/overworked people that pick their $15 organic grapes from Whole Foods in the sweltering sun for 15 hours at a time 

Yes it is a huge problem what happening in the food companies, people are practically being treated like slaves. They have no choice but to be treated like this because they need the money to survive, but who are you to judge what people are allowed to fight for? Yes it is a very valid problem to work to solve, but there are hundreds of others. What about animal rights? Human rights? The problem with pollution, and global warming? War? Starvation all over the globe? Corrupt governments? People are allowed to fight for whatever they feel passionate about, if someone doesn’t want to eat meat because they don’t like the way that the animals are being treated, why can’t they? Who are they hurting? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but most people don’t want to fight for the people who are being abused by the companies they work for. Either because they don’t know, they can’t, or they choose not to because it’s easier to pretend that the worlds problems don’t affect you, and who knows maybe they don’t.

The problem you pointed out that most vegetarians/vegans only want to fight for animal rights and not that of the workers that handle their food obviously doesn’t apply for all vegetarians/vegans. You have to also take into account that no matter what they eat most people don’t know about this. There are more people that eat organic food than there are long term vegetarians/vegans. Also to me it sounds like your only including the farms that produce organic food, what about all the other farms? Do you think that they are some how treating their workers better at big companies? And its not just the food industry, its everywhere. The workers in china (and I believe that this is a well known fact) live in such harsh working conditions that they jump off the buildings they work at. You know what these companies did, they put nets up to catch them, and these aren’t Chinese companies that do this. Yeah sure it saves lives, but what does it do to stop them from doing it again, to help the people at all? All they do is help them down from the net, pat them on the back, and tell them that they are behind on making the iphones, and need to finish  up.

You say all this like some how vegetarians/vegans are to blame. You are assuming that they all eat this organic food, which I know for a fact that not all do. I know that a much, much larger group of people eat organic food just because they want to be healthy. Are you implying that it’s  somehow bad that people want to control what is put into their body’s? The people who eat this way long term are actually more likely to buy their foods from local food markets. They care how their food was grown/raised, it doesn’t matter if the first item on their list that they’re checking for is  whether a food is organic rather than ‘I wonder how many illegal immigrants they pay 50 cents an hour to work grew these cucumbers’.   

So what do you eat? When you go to the drive through and order a hamburger, do think of all the people that work at McDonald’s (where ever you eat)? Of how many hours they spend making the same exact burger over and over for days on end making minimum wage because they have to take care of their family? Of who works in the slaughterhouse’s living and working in even worse conditions? Are you fighting for their rights? Believe what you want to but vegetarians/vegans are more likely know about this problem and be willing to do something about it than most people. Some may even say that they already are when buying food from people who grew it. 

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